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Jeff Fan

Jeff Fan

Hey there👋

I advocate cloud computing and keep building ideas on the cloud. Currently, I am a Senior Solutions Engineer based in Munich. Before that, I was a DevOps engineer focused on AWS and Kubernetes.

With a background in business administration and computer science, I know how overwhelming when you are fresh to the cloud industry. As a solution engineer, I aim to bridge the gap with a solution and establish a long-term trust relationship. Being a solution engineer is one of the best decisions in my career so far.

If you don't have a tech background but want to know more about the cloud industry or some SaaS companies, feel free to send me a virtual coffee invite! Happy to help!

We are only one email away 🚀

Current Favorite Tech Stack


Do contact me if you need my opinion about solution engineering and cloud computing especially topics like value-selling and Kubernetes a. I’ll be happy to help! (find my email in the footer)